Professional timber treatment in Grimsby,

Scunthorpe and Lincoln 

Have you noticed fungus developing on your property’s woodwork? Call the timber treatment experts at Damp King, 
Damp Proofing and Building. We specialise in all types of wood treatment projects. 

Wood treatment and replacement 

At Damp King, we are well-equipped to carry out woodwork repairs. Depending on the exact condition of your woodwork, we’ll offer you a suitable repair or replacement plan. Once the treatment or repair work is complete, we apply a wood preservation solution to the woodwork to ensure that it does not decay fast. 

Appropriate remedies after a thorough inspection 

There are mainly two types of timber decay- wet rot and dry rot. Though both of them develop in damp timber and highly humid environment, their treatment is slightly different. Our experts will diagnose the exact issue and identify the type of fungus that caused the damage. We’ll inform you about what can be done to restore your woodwork to its original shape.

Our wood treatment covers:

  • Dry rot
  • Wet rot
  • Water damage
  • Fungal decay
We also replace defective timber pieces, if required. Feel free to discuss your timber issues with our experts.